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The MP-050 single function manipulator is our configuration of the Newton Gripper from Blue Robotics. This gripper has been outfitted with a male 4 pin wet-con connector (MCBH4MAL) and everything you will need to run the manipulator on an Outland ROV!


This manipulator comes in three different configurations:

  • MP-050-1 is equipped for our ROV-500.
  • MP-050-2 is equipped for our ROV-1000, ROV-2000 and ROV-2500 (Legacy).
  • MP-050-3 is equipped for our ROV-3000 (Must be used with our UM-100).


Mounts Only (Follow links below for more info):

  • MP-050-1 no extra mount needed.
  • MP-050-2 includes MPM-103.
  • MP-050-3 included MPM-102.


Are you looking for a larger jaw for the MP-050? Large interlocking jaws product page can be found here: MPH-106.


MP-050 Single Function Manipulator