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Explore Outland's Remotely Operated Vehicle Fleet

Where innovation meets reliability in the depths of the ocean. Our fleet of underwater drones, or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), represents the pinnacle of durability and dependability for all your subsea exploration and inspection needs.


Crafted with a modular design, our ROVs boast unparalleled versatility, enabling effortless modifications, swift maintenance, and efficient repairs. Whether you're navigating intricate underwater structures or conducting crucial inspections in challenging environments, our ROVs are engineered to exceed your expectations.

Explore our comprehensive range of Underwater ROV options below, each meticulously crafted to cater to diverse requirements and applications. From compact models ideal for confined spaces to robust units designed for deep-sea exploration, we offer a solution tailored precisely to your specific needs.

What To Expect In Our Remotely Operated Vehicles

Oil Covererd ROV.png


Our remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are constructed to withstand harsh conditions and are capable of continued operation even in the most challenging environments.

Easy to Use

Our Underwater Robots feature a user-friendly operating system, tailored for ease of use in remote and challenging environments. With intuitive controls and streamlined interfaces, our underwater drones empower technicians to navigate and conduct inspections efficiently, ensuring precise and hassle-free operation.

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ROV-500 W Sunglasses.JPG


Our underwater vehicles are highly portable, perfect for expeditions in remote areas. Their compact size and lightweight design make transportation effortless, ensuring quick deployment and efficient operation for underwater missions in various environments.

Customer Service

Outland Technology excels in customer service, offering prompt and personalized assistance for all inquiries. With our commitment to satisfaction, we ensure a seamless experience for every client, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

ROV-3000 highly configured.jpg

Easily Configurable

Our Remotely Operated Vehicles boast effortless configurability, allowing rapid adjustments to meet diverse mission needs. With intuitive interfaces and modular components, users can easily adapt these ROVs for various tasks, ensuring maximum efficiency and versatility underwater.

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