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Introducing Outland Technology's latest innovation: the ROV-3000, a cutting-edge remotely operated vehicle engineered for unrivaled performance. Designed with both user-friendliness and durability in mind, its capabilities boast a depth rating of 2,000 feet (600 meters) along with automatic depth, heading, and pitch adjustments, all facilitated by hassle-free maintenance.

Customization options abound, including sonar packages, DVL station keeping, single or dual function manipulators, cleaning brush tools, skid packages, and more. The ROV-3000 redefines the standards for inspection-class ROVs, transcending the role of a mere aerial camera to become a true powerhouse for accomplishing tasks. Visit our Custom Work page to see how we have customized previous ROV's

Easy to deploy and operate! 

Capable of work when you need it most

360° Camera with Scaling Lasers

Completely adaptable Sonar Mount primed for all missions

8020 Rails for Easy Tool Customization

Available Thruster Quick Disconnects

Make Maintenance a Breeze

Now Standard with Stainless Props

Iso Shot render.png

Modular Design Explode Animation

UWR-3000 Frame Assem Render.png

Open frame design, customization made easy

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