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Underwater Custom ROV Work

When it comes to subsea custom ROV work Outland stands out and continues to be one of the best in the business. With our in-house design, engineering, CNC-machining, and countless other manufacturing capabilities, Outland Technology is uniquely positioned to provide the best and most cost-effective custom engineering solutions available. Please contact us if you are interested in a quote.

Custom ROV Projects 

Find which one of our custom jobs you are interested in and click on it and it will bring you to the section that will describe more about that specific job. If one of these previous projects suits your needs please reach out and let us know and we will be happy to assist in getting it done.


This Vaarst skid can be tilted from 12° up to 60° down. This enables the user to be able to scan things above and bellow the ROV.


This customer wanted an altimeter, a sonar, a contact probe, and a VAARST skid. If you are curious, yes all the tools worked simultaneously. 

ROV-500 with top camera and pipe profiler

This ROV-500 customer wanted an extra camera to see above the water and a pipe profiling sonar!

ROV-3000 With Vaarst Skid

ROV-3000 With Vaarst Skid

"Photogrammetry" A word that has been said in the subsea industry countless times in the past few years. Outland was tasked designing and integrating a skid attachment, for our underwater drone (ROV-3000) that was able to mount and tilt a Vaarst photogrammetry camera.  With the bandwidth capabilities of the ROV-3000, the Vaarst system was able to run real-time scans viewable on a topside computer and process the 3D model during the scan. 

The tilting mechanism can be seen working working in the video. This tilting mechanism was made possible with our manipulator (MP-100). At Outland, we have all of the disciplines  required to quickly and efficiently design, program, fabricate, test and deliver these custom designs in short project timelines. This project was completed from conception to delivery in approximately 4 weeks.

ROV-3000 with Vaarst Skid Attached
ROV-3000 With Vaarst Camrea Scanning

Underwater Altimeter and A LOT MORE

ROV-3000 with Impact Subsea Altimeter and Blueprint Sonar

Integrating 3rd party sensors and tools is an important aspect of Outland's ROV offering. Nearly every ROV Outland delivers has its own unique setup!  This particular ROV took this to a bit of an extreme.  The list of tooling integrated is impressive: Vaarst SubSlam X2 Photogrammetry Camera and Skid, Impact Subsea ISA500 flooded member detector, Blueprint Oculus M750D multibeam sonar, MP-100 2 function manipulator, CP-100/R CP probe, Waterlinked DVL-A50,  & UWG-100 Underwater Grinder. 

Not that you would ever want to, but all of this tooling could be mounted and used simultaneously.  The change-overs were also deigned to be done with no tools required.  The videos here show the ROV is several configurations in action.  The ROV-3000 has no trouble with these payloads or the power required to work these tools all day long.  This ROV setup pushed the envelope of what is expected of an inspection class ROV.  

ROV-3000 With Altimeter_CP_Sonar.gif
3004 ROV-3000 Vaarst Skid with Altimeter

ROV-500 with Top Camera and Pipe Profiler


The topside 360 camera, lights and lasers are great for above water inspection of piers, culverts & pipes. The pipe profiler provides 360 sonar images of the internals.  The 360 degree adjustable top side lights are a nice touch, see the video.  Be careful what you ask the Engineers at Outland to design.  They have a bad habit of over delivering.

ROV-500 In Water with top 360 camera and pipe profiler

The ROV-500 is the smallest topside powered ROV on the market.  The original design criteria was to fit into a 10in pipe or manway.  This one has no chance of making it through a 10in pipe. The flotation cell is oversized and the handle is modified to accommodate a topside UWC-360  camera with scaling lasers and an extra set of lights.  The bottom skid is also upsized to hold a 360 degree pipe profiler, UWL-850 scaling laser, and a MP-050 manipulator.  

1012 ROV-500 with top camera and pipe profiler.gif
ROV-500 Top Camera Adjustable Lights.gif
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