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Explore the depths with Outland Technology's UWC-325 Dive Camera, a favored choice among divers. This underwater camera delivers stunning Standard Definition (SD) images at 480i resolution, capturing the beauty beneath the waves with ease. Its fixed focus ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on your underwater adventures.


Choose between the lightweight Delrin housing for optimal maneuverability or the durable stainless steel housing for maximum protection in challenging conditions.Distinguished by its sleek and durable housing, the UWC-325  Dive Camera is built to withstand the challenges of underwater environments. Whether you're navigating coral reefs or exploring dark caverns, this camera is your reliable companion for deep-sea exploration.


Choose the UWC-325 Camera by Outland Technology for a seamless blend of simplicity and reliability, ensuring an extraordinary underwater experience that's optimized for capturing and sharing your underwater adventures.


Looking for the HD version?  Click here for the UWC-330.

UWC-325 SD | Fixed Focus | Color Dive Camera


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