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Introducing Outland Technology's UWL-600 Underwater High Power Deep Water Dive Light, the epitome of underwater illumination. Unleash 25,000 lumens of brilliance with this powerful LED dive light, equivalent to a 1000W halogen, while operating efficiently at just 180W. Crafted with precision, the housing facilitates heat dissipation from the robust electronics, requiring immersion in water to maintain optimal cooling.


Designed exclusively for underwater use, attempting to operate the UWL-600 dive light outside of water is strongly discouraged. The sheer brightness of this light is not to be underestimated – a blinding experience if looked at directly. Illuminate the depths with confidence, knowing that this underwater powerhouse is engineered to deliver unparalleled brightness for your underwater adventures. Explore the ocean's wonders with Outland Technology's UWL-600 – where power meets precision.

UWL-600 | High Power Deep Water Dive Light


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