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Introducing the Outland Technology UWL-850 Underwater Depth Perception Dive Laser. Departing from conventional lights, the UWL-850 stands out as a robust laser system featuring two parallel lasers spaced 100mm apart, providing crucial depth perception in challenging underwater conditions.


Say goodbye to those ambiguous moments akin to Dory's confusion, as the dual lasers facilitate clear differentiation between large objects like whales and smaller entities such as minnows. Complementing this, a scaling laser is integrated to refine depth perception. For every meter of distance, the scaling laser dot moves 100mm away from the main laser, ensuring precise scaling for comprehensive underwater analysis.


Effortlessly mountable on ROVs, fish farm cameras, or any underwater camera, the UWL-850 offers a transformative perspective, unveiling the underwater world in unprecedented detail. Elevate your underwater exploration and imaging capabilities with the Outland Technology UWL-850 Underwater Laser – the ultimate solution for precision and clarity beneath the surface.


Looking for the ROV-500 laser mount? UWLM-100 Mount

UWL-850 | Depth Perception Dive Laser


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