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Outland Technology's UWS-3710 Single Diver Video System with Built-in Amron Communicator represents a cutting-edge solution for underwater exploration and communication. This comprehensive system is tailored for a single diver, providing a seamless and immersive experience beneath the waves. The UWS-3710 is equipped with a high-definition (HD 1080p) camera, ensuring crystal-clear visuals of the underwater environment.


The system's standout feature is its integrated Amron communicator, which facilitates real-time communication between the diver and the surface. This innovative addition enhances coordination during underwater operations, allowing for clear and efficient communication without the need for separate devices!


Included in the UWS-3710 system are a single camera, a powerful light source, a durable cable, and a secure bracket. The camera captures stunning details in the underwater surroundings, while the accompanying light ensures optimal visibility even in challenging conditions. The robust cable guarantees reliable connectivity, and the bracket provides stability for the camera and light, allowing for versatile positioning during dives.


Outland Technology's commitment to excellence is evident in the UWS-3710 Single Diver Video System, offering a comprehensive and reliable solution for underwater video recording and communication. Whether used for scientific exploration, industrial inspections, or recreational diving, this system sets a new standard for underwater technology, providing a seamless and advanced experience for solo divers.


Check out the CON-3700 for more details


Not sure of the difference between NTSC and PAL?  Check out this FAQ.

UWS-3710 HD Single Diver Video System w/ Communicator


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