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Outland Technology's UWC-330 Underwater Dive Camera, the HD version of a diver's favorite. This High-definition (1080P) fixed-focus camera is specifically crafted for underwater exploration, delivering exceptional clarity and reliability.


Choose between the lightweight Delrin housing for optimal maneuverability or the durable stainless steel housing for maximum protection in challenging conditions. The UWC-330's fixed-focus lens eliminates the need for constant adjustments, allowing divers to focus on capturing the moment effortlessly.


Elegantly designed and housed in a rugged casing, the UWC-330 is the go-to dive camera for both professionals and enthusiasts. Dive into the depths with confidence, capturing the wonders of the underwater world in stunning detail. Outland Technology's UWC-330 Dive Camera – where HD meets durability for unparalleled underwater experiences.

UWC-330 HD | Fixed Focus | Color Dive Camera


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