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Introducing Outland Technology's UWS-3210\Q Quad Diver Video System, a cutting-edge underwater exploration solution designed to elevate your underwater videography experience. This powerful quad video system is engineered to effortlessly power four standard definition SD (480i) cameras and four dimmable LED lights concurrently, offering unparalleled versatility for capturing and documenting underwater footage.


The UWS-3210\Q ensures seamless real-time viewing and recording of all four camera feeds on the topside, providing instant access to the underwater environment. Whether used for marine research, inspection tasks, or recreational diving, this system enhances visibility and enables efficient monitoring of underwater activities.


The comprehensive package includes everything you need to embark on your underwater tasks. The UWS-3210\Q Quad Diver Video System comes complete with four cameras, four dimmable LED lights, durable cables for secure connections, and robust mounting brackets for easy installation. Additionally, the system includes a high-quality DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for simultaneous recording of all video feeds, allowing you to review and analyze footage post-dive.


The intuitive design of the UWS-3210\Q ensures user-friendly operation, making it suitable for both experienced divers and newcomers to underwater video world. The system's dimmable LED lights provide adjustable illumination, adapting to different underwater conditions and enhancing the clarity of captured footage.


With Outland Technology's UWS-3210\Q Quad Diver Video System, you can explore the depths with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and comprehensive solution at your fingertips. Dive into the world beneath the surface and bring your underwater discoveries to life with this state-of-the-art video system.


Not sure of the difference between NTSC and PAL?  Check out this FAQ.

UWS-3210/Q SD Quad Diver Video System


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