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Meet Outland Technology's UWL-450 High-Power Underwater Dive Light, your go-to solution for unparalleled brightness beneath the surface. Boasting an impressive 11,000 lumens, this LED Dive Light powerhouse is equivalent to a 750W halogen Dive Light while operating on a mere 110W of power. Designed for underwater use, the dive light housing efficiently dissipates heat from its robust electronics, relying on water to keep it cool.


Caution: The brightness of this dive light is not to be underestimated. Direct exposure may be intense, so avoid looking directly at the light source. To harness the full potential of the UWL-450, the standard Outland console power output won't suffice; opt for the CU-1160 to effortlessly drive this high-intensity underwater illumination. Don't miss out on enhancing your underwater experience – explore our additional options to seamlessly integrate the CU-1160 into your setup. Illuminate the depths like never before with Outland's UWL-450 Dive Light.

UWL-450 | Single LED High Power Dive Light


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