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Standard Outland orange dive cable with a design twist on the bottom side. The topside end is terminated with one MS3108B Amphenol Connector. The bottom side of the cable is terminated with a single IL8F connector. The cable comes with an adapter that connects to the main cable. A single IL8M splices onto a 5 pin RMK camera connector and a 3 pin RMG light connector. The cable itself is (16) #22 awg wires and a center Coax RG-59 wire. Two standard lengths are available, 100m (330ft) and 150m (500ft). (THIS CABLE DOES NOT COME STANDARD WITH A KELLUMS GRIP)


This tweak in design to our standard dive cable is an excellent option if the diver end of the cable is your typical failure point.  Keep a spare adapter cables on hand and changing over is quick and easy.


Call Outland for custom cable lengths.


Need a replacement sacrificial end? Click Here

C-2304 Cable Assembly with Sacrificial End Connectors


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