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The Gemini 1200ik multibeam imaging sonar is a powerful addition to the popular Gemini range. The multibeam imaging sonar offers two operational frequencies with the ability to switch between low and high frequency dependent on the user’s requirement. The 720kHz low frequency setting is designed for target identification and obstacle avoidance at long range, whilst the 1200kHz high frequency setting offers extremely detailed multibeam images, ideal for inspection at close range. Switching frequencies can be set to automatically switch over at a specific range or done manually.


Unique to the Gemini 1200ik is the ability to maintain a 120 field of view across both frequencies: something not previously seen in any of the Gemini Multibeam imaging sonars and ensuring the target remains in view when operating at high frequency and at short range.


Significant engineering development has resulted in this latest Gemini imaging sonar offering an impressive 2.4mm range resolution as well as an effective angular resolution of only 0.12.


Used in conjunction with an ROV Mount (See Options) it provides the ROVs with real-time imaging in low-visibility conditions via a high-resolution display.


Need a replacement Mount for ROV-3000? SM-113-1 Mount For ROV-3000


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Gemini 1200ik (1000m) Tritech Multi-bean Imaging Sonar


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