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As the ROV moves, Cerulean SonarView “paints” the image of the scanned area of the sea floor giving excellent situational awareness in the murkiest conditions. In the case of a surface vessel with GPS or an ROV with DVL, scanning is translational as well as rotational. For underwater vehicles without positioning information, Omniscan's Dopper Position Tracking can be used for translational information in the direction of the beam. Using a pair of Omniscan 450 FS units, one forward and one 90 degrees to either side, full 2d motion tracking is available. This also enables position hold mode. If you want this with your ROV-3000 choose the mount and integration option! 


Need a replacement mount?  SM-112-1 Omniscan 450 FS Sonar Mount

Omniscan 450 FS Cerulean Forward Facing Scanning Sonar