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This 82F1 Straight Splice Kit is used to repair all Outland cables.


3M™ 82 F Series Resin Compression Inline Cable Splice Kit with flame retardant compound 2131, is designed for inline splicing on non shielded portable power cables and cords. The wet/dry flexible power cable splice kit is suitable for use on single and multi conductor cables, depending on the voltage rating.


3M™ 82 F Series Resin Inline Cable Splice Kit includes Scotch® rubber splicing tape 23, Scotchcast™ compound 2131 and Three M Ite™ Elek Tro Cut™ abrasive cloth 80J grit. The semi flexible compound offers permanent splicing to bend with the cable for easy installation, reeling and handling. The smooth, tapered splice prevents cable hang ups and splice end lifting. The flame retardant compound 2131 is a self curing resin that bonds to itself and modern cable jackets. This kit is perfect for splicing 1 kV rated multiple conductors and 5 kV rated single conductors. RoHS 2011/65/EU Compliant and MSHA Approved.

82F1 Straight Splice Kit


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